Theatre of Screams

Posted: 25.11.07 in Blogging

Picture the scenario: you pay a lot of money to watch a piece in a theatre in London say. Depending on the seat you could be spending upwards of £30 to watch an operatic performance. You take your seats and the show begins. You are astounded by the debacle on view. The actors forget their lines; fall over on-stage; the music is out of tune and the so-called star of the show has not turned up. During the interval, you are treated to some humour by some compère ridiculing the display thus far.

During the second part of the performance, things get worse. Some of the cast start before the others are ready, and the shambles continues. By the end, the audience are entertaining themselves. The show is so bad, some leave early and in some cases very early.

The difference between this and a football match, is that the patrons of the theatre would demand a refund on their ticket. Football supporters have the rest of the weekend to mull over what morons they have been to shell out a lot of money to boil their bile.


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