Dull Times

Posted: 29.11.07 in Blogging

I stayed up quite late last night. I didn’t really have any reason to, I just didn’t feel tired. The usual cause of this phenomenon is hyperactive brain. Indeed, that was the cause of my brief encounter with insomnia. One thought that particularly caught my mind was how crap this decade is turning out.

What has happened since the year 2000? First consider music. The Sixties had The Beatles and The Shadows. The Seventies had Queen, The Who and Thin Lizzy. The Eighties had Duran Duran and Human League. The Nineties had Blur and Oasis. At the turn of this century, I believed that the music of Craig David and Sonique was going to become the sound of the decade. The music was defining a new genre. But this was short-lived. In its place came rap and hip-hop, nu-metal and emo, indie rock, manufactured pop and house, amongst countless others. It is impossible to define a genre that represents this decade – and we still aren’t finished! Furthermore, we’re going through a rehash of old bands and their music: the Spice Girls, Take That, The Police, etc. Queen are set to release a new album next year!

And what about fashion? Since 2000 we seem to have gone through a Sixties stage with flowers and ponchos; a Seventies stage with flares and frilly shirts; and to add insult to injury, we’re going through an Eighties stage, with waistcoats, cardigans, skinny ties and tight trousers: I can only imagine it will be a matter of simply time before we are back to wearing leg-warmers. This decade hasn’t had its own real identity in terms of fashion.

There have, however, been quite major changes in other forms of design. Interior design, for example, will seem strikingly from this decade when viewed from the future, I expect. And the buildings of this era will be easily recognisable as monuments of these times. Everything that’s considered pretty in architecture and technology has a lot of glass and silvery things and shiny glossy materials. But is that all we will have to remember from this decade?

  1. Weiran says:

    You’ve got to be kidding about the architecture right? All I seem to see now is one red brick Georgian style house build after another, and its really starting to annoy me.

    Planning committees and councils now will always prefer houses that “fit into the style” of the current adjacent houses, but when has that ever been the case where new ideas and designs have sprouted out?

    If anything, this century’s architectural style is as much in the past as the clothing.

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