The Communist Manifesto

Posted: 29.11.07 in Blogging

I would very much like to have a read of Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto. I would love to have a massive rant about how communism could work, but point its flaws. My biggest gripe with communism is the paradox of how there can be a supreme leader in a land of equals.

I would also like to point out some problems with democracy. Although democracy seems a fair way of representing the people, it does not necessarily mean that the best person for a particular job will get it. For example, it is my suspicion that the Chancellor of the Exchequer does not require a degree in Economics, or some other financial qualification. And what makes a good premier? From recent events, it seems that someone who is cool in front of a grilling from unrelenting opposition is more desirable than someone who makes good decisions.

Another alternative is absolute monarchy. Now, most will dismiss this out of hand, but a sole occupier of supreme power over a state has its advantages. For a start, there are no pretences about fairness – it is almost unashamedly unfair. That way, everyone knows their place. However, one could argue that this is in existence within religion, and no-one can deny that the rules decreed within a religion are very much open to interpretation. I guess the difference is that the king can sort a deviant out now, whilst the god would sort it out later.

So what political system is best? My personal favourite is the Dingle clan (aside from the incestuous characteristic of the family, of course…).


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