Fuel For Thought

Posted: 15.12.07 in Blogging

In October duty on fuel rose by 2p per litre. Duty rises over the last decade add up to 25% – less than the rate of inflation. But oil prices have gone up 270% in the same period.

"Low turnout for fuel price demos": BBC News

I can understand that people want to protect their livelihoods. However, I can also understand that some want to cling onto the dream that oil is a bountiful source of limitless supply. Similarly, I can understand that there are those that believe that their contribution to fuel emissions are so small that their "crimes" are victimless.

I’m beginning to take a right-wing view on private vehicle owners. Those that drive needlessly, where there are viable alternatives, are akin to smokers. And both those groups should be treated as criminals. Their transgressions could be described as homicidal, treacherous and exceedingly selfish. To compound the acts of these mercenaries, they insist they are the victims for the price of their work. There would be impalpable dismay for relatives of a victim if a murderer should suggest that he should be awarded compensation because his deed was cumbersome and difficult – not to mention the price of his arsenic and his silenced armoury.

So yes, gas us all and complain about it, why don’t you?


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