The Beauty of Maths

Posted: 16.12.07 in Blogging

So often as I do come across stories of note on the BBC website – such as this one: The Beauty of Maths – it is not often that these stories strike a chord particularly.

But this one does. It highlights the problem of a lack of teachers of Mathematics in secondary schools, and how such a negative view of Mathematics by adults and children alike are damaging the chances of finding raw mathematical talent.

I had once been drawn to teaching, and particularly of Mathematics at secondary school. However, there is little that draws me there now. All those things that attracted me to the profession are the same ones that make me feel that teaching Mathematics privately is a more attractive option. It is of little wonder that the turnover of teachers in the field is so frequent, when quite frankly the prospect of teaching is financially uncompetitive and offers far more in terms of drawbacks than perks.


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