A Week In Kent

Posted: 24.12.07 in Blogging

Usually when I visit Kent, I describe each day, and what happened. But I don’t think I’m going to do that this time. No. In fact, I’m just going to cobble together the pieces that resound in my head as I type.

The most important task in coming down is meeting the people that made me who I am: those being my friends. I am glad to say I met a lot of those — some whom I was not expecting to see. Another important task is meeting members of my family, and I got to do that as well.

What I didn’t do so well was to be the perfect guest. I’m afraid I wasn’t — I became ill with some cold and managed to amass a collossal headache during the week and as such was probably a bit of a pest to my poor suffering hosts. Thankfully, Pete, Donna and Russell looked after me well.

That was the major disappointment: being ill. If I were better, I might have made better use of my time there, and been a bit more of a help and less of a hindrance.


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