Roast Potatoes and Honey

Posted: 25.12.07 in Blogging

I’ve taken it upon myself to make the Christmas Dinner today. I assumed this role quite underhandedly, though not quite intentionally. I decided I wanted my Christmas Dinner to taste the way I wanted it to taste, and as such, I’m cooking it.

We had a Sainsbury’s turkey crown to play with. Sainsbury’s had this "wonderful" idea to insert this marker that popped out when the turkey was sufficiently hot in the middle. The package suggested it would take one hour and 35 minutes to cook at 190°C (in fact it should have been less since the oven is fan-assisted); yet this incredibly novel device refused to pop out. It was only after two hours and ten minutes of cooking that the turkey was sufficiently hot to be rendered "ready". Even after frantic basting throughout the cooking process, the turkey ended up rather unsurprisingly dry. Thanks Sainsbury’s. It was cooked after an hour and 35 minutes, so that’s the last time I’ll use your pathetic "time-savers".

Anyhow, the vegetables should be lovely, using my own personal method of "hope-it-works". And I hope you all have a great Christmas, just like everyone else does. In fact, to be different, I hope you all get Nintendo Wiis this Christmas, which amounts to the same thing!

  1. James D Elliott says:

    I have a “Sainsbury’s turkey crown and it has no instruction as to time or temperature. I am going to wrap in bacon but is the time and temp you display the right one ” 1 hour 35 mins @ 190 deg C? Would appreciate your reply. Have a nice Christmas.

  2. Steve says:

    Hi James, sorry for not getting back to you before Christmas Day – in fact replying now seems pretty pointless. If on the offchance you still have your turkey, I suggest following the recommendation on the packet and ignoring the popup. Your turkey should have a time on the label at the front, if it doesn’t… then someone must have nicked it!

    The old adages hold though – cook until the juices in the middle run clear.

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