A Pain In The Neck

Posted: 10.01.08 in Blogging

On Tuesday I had a lecture. One of the students came in with a throat infection having just been prescribed antibiotics. To be honest, I can’t blame her. I only have two exams too, but it’s still going to be incredibly difficult. The only problem is that she sat next to me, and now I have a sore throat…

I haven’t helped myself to be honest. When alone, I sing a lot. The sole reason if nothing else is that by singing alone I don’t have to sing in front of other people. It is mostly for their benefit… Furthermore, I left two assignments over the Christmas holidays (having forgotten one completely, which was for Monday) until tonight, and will be due tomorrow. I’ve done one… sort of. I’ve left half of it — I don’t think that I could have done any better with it if I had done it earlier to be honest… it’s hard!

Anyway, I’m having a quick break watching QI on Dave before doing the other one. Hopefully it’ll be easier…

Lesson of the Day

By all means leave things to the last minute. Don’t expect it to be any easier, however.


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