Yet Another One Bites the Dust

Posted: 10.01.08 in Blogging

What can I say? The departure of Sam Allardyce from Newcastle United was entirely unexpected. I was watching the BBC Six O’Clock News when as the excitement was building surrounding his exit, BBC Look North attempted to steal the headline from the national programme. It was a shock.

Usually when I see the words "Breaking News" or hear the words "We interrupt this programme…" I get a massive adrenaline rush. It’s peculiar. It’s almost as if the sensation of a huge disaster or the death of a politically influential figure or the onset of war generates a deep swell of excitement within me. That happened today.

It is, of course, mediocre news to most people. In fact, I concede that even many Newcastle United supporters are both unsurprised and blasé at the news of Allardyce’s departure having endured so many in the recent past. But this one feels different oddly. We were promised an era of change: the development of science at the club; the onset of less frivolous expenditure in place of value for money; and success, of course. It surprises me that there apparently has been a u-turn and that another coach is being brought in to see through those changes: and yet there seems to be no obvious and immediate replacement.

Will Shearer take it? If anyone were to be the "obvious" target then it would be him. But even he is wary of taking the job so soon. It would appear an English manager is the preference of Mike Ashley, yet having axed one of the most talented and well-renowned English managers around, who should we expect take over? If Ashley was banking on Shearer, he will probably be having a few sleepless nights…

Lesson of the Day

Don’t burn all your bridges in the hope that another, a better bridge will be made. That is especially the case if the builder of your bridge has never built a bridge before…


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