Sitting At The Back

Posted: 18.01.08 in Blogging

One could be forgiven for being nervous before an exam: going through everything in your mind ensuring you haven’t forgotten anything you need. However, when you walk into the exam room and sit down ready to start your exam, you should be given an automatic fail if you fail to notice that you are sitting at a desk with a different exam to the one you should be taking.

Thankfully she moved, or else I might have ended up taking some other exam. What the hell is "River Management" anyway? No-one stands on a riverbank with a projector discussing annual appraisals to tadpoles. River Management seems to be a misnomer anyway: I should think it would be unethical to manipulate a river. Rather, rivers are sites of conservation. I suggest its naming was more about self-indulgence rather than prescribing the content of the course.

Anyway, back to the exam. I did fine, I feel. In fact I did quite well, considering for the most part I couldn’t be bothered with revision. That is particularly the case when you have a group full of people whom you have never met that need you to be on the Internet at a certain time in order for them to see to their own ends. That is what World Of Warcraft: you pay for the compulsion to help others and accumulate that responsibility to these fellows in the game.

I have another exam next Friday — and it is going to be hard.

Lesson of the Day

If X follows a Rayleigh(θ) distribution, then Y = X² follows an Exponential distribution with parameter θ.


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