Catch Up

Posted: 27.01.08 in Blogging

Hello again! I have been on a journey of sorts. On Friday I had my last exam.

I’d been dreading it for weeks in all honesty. The module was crammed full of information… not lovely information either! It was tricky, but at least until the results are published it’s over for now. Anyway, afterwards I went to an Irish bar with Chris and Mike. I enjoyed it, and lingered beyond my original intentions to play pool too!

Then yesterday, after the disappointment of losing in the FA Cup to Arsenal, I went to Durham to see Scott for a birthday bar crawl, which cheered me up. I found conversation difficult to start with — Scott’s friends are interested in role-playing games and the like, and though I cannot say whether I like them or not (I haven’t tried them) I couldn’t really comment on them. Later though, particularly after a few drinks, conversation flowed freely. All good.

Lesson of the Day

Finding common ground is the best start to a conversation.


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