In The Name Of God

Posted: 02.02.08 in Blogging

I was saddened to read last week an article written by someone I admire a great deal. The reason for this was his opinion on religion. For someone I believed was tolerant and liberal, to brand organised religion as dangerous out-of-hand seems a little dangerous in itself.

His motivating reasoning behind this claim was that it gives license to believers to do things that wouldn’t normally do: bad things. But from experience it works the other way too. Religious people may feel compelled to do good things under the watchful gaze of their gods and spiritual leaders.

The same could be said for atheists. On the one hand, natural compassion leads to good deeds, but it could be argued that not having a righteous being to answer to is the removal of a deterrent that might have been there.

Religion does good and bad, like most things. I don’t think you can say that religious people are evil, or indeed people of a certain religion are evil. By the same token, you can’t say that atheists are evil. Evil people are evil.

Lesson of the Day

Evil is the only trait in evil people.


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