Amazing The Money

Posted: 08.02.08 in Blogging

How far would you go for the prospect of more money? Would you work longer hours? Would you work in a place you’ve never been before? Would you leave everything you know behind? And would you do all this for the sake of money alone?

This is what the Premier League proposes. After dwindling attendances at home Premiership games, it would appear the teams of the competition are all ready to set off to places far and wide for a game of football. This also comes amid the constantly repeated rows of fixture congestion in the Premier League. This isn’t a football decision.

Of course, it’s business. Countries will pay through the nose to have Premiership action on their doorstep — and the League know this. They pay enough for rights to air the games on their television networks; having it hosted in their own stadium they would be willing to part with the premium. And that is what’s wrong.

Football shouldn’t be about who can pay the most. It is getting that way, sadly, that the working man’s game is becoming a rich man’s playground. And who would appreciate the game more — some oil-rich Middle East country and a world superpower with no tradition of supporting the game; or say in Africa, where countrymen would flock to see their national heroes? With all due respect, I cannot foresee an African nation outbidding the United Arab Emirates in a race of money for a game of football.


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