Inverse Psychology

Posted: 03.03.08 in Blogging

One thing I have learnt about myself is how I prioritise my work. It seems I would take on work on a basis rather different to everyone else: I work for other people before myself.

It’s a problem. I am playing World Of Warcraft every evening now. This isn’t because I enjoy it particularly: in fact I’m finding it a bit of a bind. It is more because there are people that rely on me, to a degree, to be on hand to take on group tasks. Even within the game, I help other people before I seek to aid the progress of my own character. What’s worse is that it seems to take a priority in my mind over that of other work.

I am also looking to staging a charity event at some point. Of course, this isn’t so much for me; it does however give me the satisfaction of doing something of benefit to others as opposed to doing something for myself. It seems the satisfaction of catering to the needs of others is greater than the sense of accomplishment to doing for my own gain.

But I also have a mounting pile of work, with little desire to make any headway in processing it. Perhaps I need to feel that I am doing those pieces for other people too…


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