Damage Limitation

Posted: 09.03.08 in Blogging

I’m becoming increasingly disillusioned, not least in my mathematical ability and my job prospects.

My most recent annoyance concerns one of the modules I am taking. I had some homework due in for Friday, but I didn’t do it. I didn’t catch the deadline and was given the impression the lecturer wasn’t taking it in. Fortunately she has allowed me to hand it in on Monday. It annoys me that other people were aware that the deadline was for Friday, and appear to know it purely because those lectures are the only ones they turn up for. What’s worse is that it was exactly the same last semester for a similar module, and they also got better exam marks.

It leads me to wonder why I go. I already feel my understanding of these subjects isn’t as good as it should be.

A lecturer did concede to me during the week that his understanding of certain modules while an undergraduate wasn’t the best, but this didn’t prevent him from being able to answer exam questions on the subject. It should reassure me. But this is supposed to be my specialist subject, and what’s more is that I’m beginning to hate it. It is very technical and rather unforgiving when it comes to a lack of detail or making small mistakes.

Can’t wait ’til the Easter holiday!


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