For Want Of A Better Post

Posted: 19.03.08 in Blogging

Things aren’t going well for me at the moment. It’s an odd feeling to have, since for the most part I can feel lucky the ways things have turned out. Right now, Newcastle United are staring up the nostrils of a double-barrelled shotgun; I have no idea how I’m going to earn my daily loaf; and I still have not sorted my graduation out.

I have concocted ideal scenarios for each, but I am just as quickly haunted by the impending dread of the more likely outcomes. Right now, I just want to work for a fast food chain, jack in the graduation, and support the first team in red that wins something. Most people that follow these rules seem happy enough.

What am I going to do? Every time I look at a potential job I’m told it’s no use applying; every time I hear someone mention graduation I recoil; and every time Joey Barton gets the ball I look at my watch hoping for the time to pass. I can’t wait ’til 2009 in all honesty.

  1. Colin says:

    Can I join the club?

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