In A World Of My Own

Posted: 21.03.08 in Blogging

I think I have a small problem. Over the past couple of days I’ve started to realise that playing World Of Warcraft is starting to get to me.

On Wednesday evening, I was playing in a "Heroic Dungeon" called The Mechanar, and in short the group kept dying. We decided to call it and I turned off the computer. This was shortly before midnight, and I went to bed a little after. At about four in the morning I roused slightly and in pure delirium aided by flu symptoms I was immersed in the environment of The Mechanar, trying to fight but being completely confused and unable to move. This lasted for about an hour.

Yesterday the flu took hold. I kept reflecting on that episode the previous night. Despite being rather overcome by body aches and light-headedness, I played again that evening. I was asked to tank (which means being the punching bag while other players get to do the fun stuff), which is both difficult and rather boring. We were making good progress through Karazhan when the world server screwed up and sent most offline. Being one of the survivors of the glitch, I remembered reading about someone who broke the world record for levelling a character from one to seventy in the shortest time, which was a little under 44 hours. He could see how long he had played on that character by typing /played, so I tried it.

I have spent 52 days of the last three years playing on my main character. To be fair, most in the guild that were online at the time had played much longer in a shorter timespan, but on reading that result I was rather shocked. 52 days is a long time. Perhaps too long…


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