Bio Break

Posted: 25.03.08 in Blogging

There is some discussion as to whether biofuels are the future of powering motor vehicles. The idea is that we create fuels by growing crops rather than digging oil out of the ground. The desired effect is that carbon emissions are reduced, and that the impending global drought of oil won’t have such a huge effect.

However, there is the problem that it requires fuel to generate fuel. Obviously, you can’t just shove barley in your motor and start her up. Ethanol-based fuels require fermentation of crop, which is most efficient on heating gently for a sustained period. Whether such a controlled atmosphere can be both economically and ecologically sustained remains a doubt in some quarters. And whether carbon emissions will be reduced as a result of mixing petrol with other products is a long-standing unproven conjecture.

So my advice is to get a bike. And reward yourself with a dram o’ malt.


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