Youth Culture

Posted: 02.04.08 in Blogging

Try being a child today. It’s even harder than you think. Kids do tend to take things in their stride: that is true. However, it seems that fact is often abused by those in control over them.

Children don’t get the rub of the green. They are tested more now than they ever have been, and their workload has greatly increased: the comeback is that GCSE and A Level qualifications aren’t worth a thing and are too easy. A child isn’t measured by their ability as such, more on how much better they are than some statistical threshold, based on their performance compared to other children of the same age. This does not breed better knowledge and understanding — it’s just raising a generation of competitors. Ask a child to complete a quiz, and almost drone-like they will do it under exam conditions.

Kids are moved from pillar to post; the fear of being victimised in some way is cause enough to impose curfews. There is no sense of community across age groups at all. They have the natural society and culture removed from them; and yet any attempt to form their own subculture or cyber-culture is stifled and discouraged.

The reasons children suffer in these ways are down to those that ultimately take control of their welfare and development — they are the most two-faced and contradictory people on this planet. How exactly are we meant to develop young minds and our futures when our only means of doing so is to put the youth in a lifelong cagefight for their own survival and prosperity?


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