Ticking By

Posted: 04.04.08 in Blogging

I spent two and half hours last night staring at the clock waiting for sleep to come. I hate that. Rather than shutting down, my mind goes into hyperdrive. A recurring theme at the moment is death.

It sounds horrible, but I start writing other people’s obituaries in my head. It sounds a bit sick, but it does help you realise how important some people are to you, so it’s not all in all a bad thing. However, the natural progression is how my own death would be viewed to most.

I do wonder how many people would attend my funeral. I live quite far from where I used to live, so how many of those from round there would make the journey up? And what would be said in my obituary? I dread to think. I haven’t accomplished much; and I haven’t made that much of a difference. Seems such a waste so far…


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