Exam Before the Storm

Posted: 02.06.08 in Blogging

I received an email from Newcastle University recently about the tickets they have allocated for my graduation. I was hoping to receive my basic allocation, plus the two seats in the TV relay room they advised we should apply for. This email told me that they have received more applications for these TV relay tickets than expected, and that they will offer me… none. This angered me: they have not set aside tickets equally for their students. So I complained, but to little avail.

Dad rang this evening, to talk about the graduation amongst other things. He seems all sorted and he will be coming. Mum doesn’t like it (at all) but thankfully she is overlooking that fact to come. However, the remaining problem was that of my maternal grandparents. My original plan was to give them the two seats I had been expecting to receive for the relay room. However, not being given these tickets meant that they would not be able to come at all. After I had spoken to Dad, Mum decided it would be the best to inform my grandparents of the news.

I’d wanted to invite them to thank them for the help they gave me in my first year. However it had always been their intention for me to show a greater gratitude by turning my father away and inviting my grandad instead. On receiving the news from Mum that Dad would be coming, I am now excommunicated from the family in their eyes, and Mum’s position isn’t all to rosy either. Even had I got those tickets, they made it clear they would have refused to come. They have made some childish threats and have effectively sought to make Mum choose between ties with me and her ties with them.

Oh… and wish me luck for my exam tomorrow.

  1. wl says:

    Hey come south. More opportunity and more friends I mean your childhood friends…

    Your family relation is sooo complicated. Well don’t give in to any pressure on this seat thing. Only you know whether your dad loves you or not and, whether they can get along or not has nothing to do with you. It’s about you, not them! Besides, he’s your dad, and many years later you may regret not to be able to see him beside you in the graduation photos if you don’t invite him. I definitely support your decision. Definitely! You don’t need to feel guilty to anyone! Good luck!

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks wl. I do feel that going to Newcastle was a bit of a mistake. Newcastle was meant to be somewhere I could redefine myself; be independent and more sociable, but it didn’t work out that way. I wonder whether I should return south, but that has other implications. Certainly things to mull over anyway.

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