All Was Well

Posted: 12.06.08 in Blogging

Even before I had finished my exams I had started to pick up the last two Harry Potter books again. I had started reading The Half Blood Prince not too long after it had first been released, but I stopped reading it. I forget why. But for a long time I had that and The Deathly Hallows on my ‘to read’ shelf. That shelf is quite big, by the way.

I can’t describe how wonderfully it is written, for those that have not read them. And I suggest if you have read this far without having read the books and intend to, you really should stop reading this now. This is a potential plot spoiler.

I was rather enjoying the book until the moment Harry looked into the Pensieve for the last time and understood that he must pay the ultimate sacrifice: be killed for the sake of the world. I felt that was rather fitting. That really was the last thing he had to do. The fact that he was able to return to life by some "unexplained technicality" seemed a bit of a cop-out.

The fact that he survived then paved the way for him to lead the rest of his life as he could only have done in a Voldemort-free world; being able to raise a family with Ginny with three children named after his parents and Dumbledore. It felt strangely wholely unsatisfying. And it has left me feeling rather depressed.

Is that because the overall message behind the whole set of books in the series is that being able to love is life’s greatest power? Possibly.


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