Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Posted: 12.07.08 in Blogging

I wanted to talk about my graduation on Monday, but I am also going to talk about faith. Faith is a fantastic thing. Faith is the belief that something good will come of something. It isn’t really a tangible thing, and the degree of its existence is purely at the discretion of the beholder.

But what does faith do? It can do good things and bad things: it spurs people on to support others; it gives people the conviction to do certain things; it gives reason when otherwise there would be no meaning. These can be interpreted in different ways, and not just within the confines of religion, either.

Faith can be bad for other reasons. Finding that your faith has been misplaced is soul-crushing; and the more you commit to a faith the more destroying it can become when that faith comes undone. But faith isn’t a one-way thing. You do not have to be a deity to have faith placed in you. If you find yourself in that position, it immediately becomes a role of responsibility. Letting such faith slide will be of great disappointment to those that entrusted you with their belief.

Lastly, I mentioned before that faith inspires people to act and gives them reason to do so. This applies to both the faith-holder and the faith-giver.

I would like to thank the lecturers at Newcastle University that have placed in their faith in me: in particular to Dr Michael White, Dr Alina Vdovina and Dr Zinaida Lykova who spoke to me on Monday. They have shown trust in my ability (despite my doubts!) beyond the course, and have urged me to look into studying towards a PhD. I’d also like to thank Mum and Dad for being there and making the best of the day (even though there was a lot of standing around in the drizzle). I would also like to thank anyone else that has shown any sort of faith in me of whom they may be numerous.

A final note: the ceremony was recorded and can be viewed at the University congregations website (fast forward to 40 minutes if you don’t want to see the entire hour’s ceremony!). I’d like to thank Lord Patten that presided over the ceremony in his position as Chancellor of the University (I understand he was not present at all ceremonies) because that was pretty much a bonus!

Graduation Photograph Placeholder


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