More To The Point

Posted: 17.07.08 in Blogging

The buzz question in Britain at the moment is "how do we combat knife-crime?". Looking around you find there are a lot of answers. Some suggest tackling poverty as an indirect solution; some suggest having police stop-and-search every questionable face on the street; I have even seen suggested that knives should have their pointed tips removed to reduce their effectiveness as a weapon.

None of these will work. There are already thousands ingrained with fear and a need for retribution that offering them a "financial package", searching them to submission and trying to persuade them to buy these new knives without points will do nothing. The politicians simply see them as the denizens of council estates; the results of a poverty-stricken upbringing without any future hope. They seem to miss the point that they lack respect for "authority" and their reasons for turning their back on the rest of society.

I have just purchased The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels because of what I believe is the new communism. It is the uprising of those that feel repressed and looked-down-upon by the rest: forming their own micro-cultures of equality with some degree of hostility towards their oppressors. It is probably not the revolution that Marx and Engels envisioned (though without reading the book I could not speculate further). But what concerns me is that history tells only dark stories where democracy has fought against communism.


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