Posted: 25.07.08 in Blogging

There was a minor frustration spreading around Cramlington this morning as the residents awoke to find their taps dry. About this time last night the water had stopped. Apparently, a pipe had burst under a main road and obliterated the supply to about half of Cramlington. This information was privy solely to those that checked the Northumbrian Water website regularly throughout the day. After promising to have it up and running by 9pm it did eventually start coming at about 10.20pm (of course completely unusable but before the "emergency repair time limit" of 24 hours, and thus avoiding a costly payout of £20 to each household and £50 to each business affected). Bottled water was a ten minute bus-ride away on the other side of town or there were some bowsers in discrete locations in the affected areas. It appears Northumbrian Water did not appreciate the wider effects of its minor catastrophe, since Eastfield (itself a sizeable area) was cunningly omitted from the water reparation strategy.

Now most in this situation would say how they have been made to realise how precious life is and how much we take for granted. However we learnt more valuable lessons today. Firstly, the human race is much more resilient than most pessimists would give credit for. We would not have realised this was a widespread problem had I not kept checking the website. Secondly, I learned that you can get a lot of bottled water for not much money, really. Sainsbury’s do their own Basics brand at 17p a 1.5 litre bottle. Bit of a bargain when others might panic-buy a night in a hotel room.


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