Deep Lincoln

Posted: 09.08.08 in Blogging

I spent last week in Boston (Lincolnshire, of course) with my grandparents. It was more pleasant than I had expected, though it was indeed rather warm. There were good photo opportunities in the town centre and in the boat cruise up the River Witham. We climbed The Stump, the 14th highest tower in Britain, apparently.

On returning on Sunday I went about doing something rather silly.

I have long wanted to have a desk in my room. My room is rather small and is rather restricted in its arrangement by a set of rather ugly pipes in one corner. On moving in my grandparents bought me a wardrobe to hide the pipes. I do use it, but it’s still a bit of a pain. So, while most sensible people would perhaps buy a desk and cut out holes for the pipes, I set about converting my wardrobe into a desk. Now, this is definitely something I do not recommend. Trimming the wardrobe door, which has a modern kind of motif, proved to be a tricky job; and it remains to trim the rest of the wardrobe to the size of the door.

Another thing I’d recommend is to get a decent circular saw or a decent electric jigsaw. I had an electric jigsaw and the blade broke, but not before struggling awkwardly and before snapping the blade. I gave up and used a hand saw. The edges are much straighter and my arms feel an awful lot stronger. However, it takes a lot longer.


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