Going Nowhere

Posted: 23.08.08 in Blogging

It’s been a productive few days, but it feels like I haven’t actually got anywhere.

I’ve pretty much finished my desk: a few finishing touches and it’ll be done. I have started to move things about in my room but I haven’t finished. I’ve done quite a few other jobs too as I went and left others that should have been a priority.

I think that’s a good analogy of life for me at the moment: I’m doing jobs I shouldn’t be doing and distracting myself from more important things. Things I once found fun seem such a drag now. And the only thing people want to know from me is whether I have found a job. It’s frustrating me a little. I know people mean well but having to report little in the way of news on that front discourages me. When I get a job, I will tell people.


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