Drop the Dead Donkey

Posted: 02.09.08 in Blogging

Look no further than the list of comments on the BBC Blog Entry by Phil McNulty on the exclusion of Michael Owen from the England squad. At more than 375 comments you can’t disagree it is a contentious issue. But while many complain he is short of form and lacking match fitness, he is still given a good runout at Newcastle United. Despite the injuries at St. James’ Park, there is some backup that might have been used in his place: and despite the fact he is not fit and low on form (apparently) he beats defenders to the ball and scores goals.

Some also point to Capello’s seemingly infallible record in club competition. Yet many forget he dropped Beckham and was ready to sell him off; before accepting his mistake and brought him back in time to win the La Liga title for Real Madrid. He isn’t immune to error, despite his glittering honours.

But enough of England. The transfer window closed just over an hour ago. It was a little disappointing for Newcastle supporters, getting one player on loan and obtaining another being given the number 19 shirt: it does not bode well (19 was formerly Titus Bramble’s shirt). We were told to expect another three or four good quality signings. I guess we shall establish in due course whether in fact they match the quality Keegan promised. However, Xisco and Ignacio Gonzalez are new faces and I expect they will be given a warm reception by the supporters, as ever.

The news of the day rather belongs to Manchester City though. Changing hands again — but this time to a hugely wealthy consortium — and immediately splashing out on Robinho and fleetingly showing interest in big names such as Berbatov, Villa and Gomez rather stole both Manchester United’s and Chelsea’s thunders. The latter had a rather sheepish and subdued day while the former got their man in Berbatov. Rather good we got Man Utd out of the way!


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