To Live or Die

Posted: 07.10.08 in Blogging

Isn’t it funny how arbitrary life is?

One can extinguish the life of an ant or a fly in a fleeting moment and in just another fleeting moment the act is forgotten. One could also with similar precision and deftness kill a fellow man and never forget, and never be allowed to forget.

One could spade a rat with the greeting of heroics; but such an action on a dog would merit criticism and vindication. We lament the forresters the fell the rainforests yet remove the unwanted florae from our own garden.

One could take the life of an attacker in defence and reap the punishment; yet one can also march into war with the carnal desire to kill and receive a warm welcome home. One can be ready to kill; have the desire to kill and mete out one’s lust for blood with such ease and protection. Furthermore one can condone one’s deeds by citing the support of some arbitrary number and can expect celebration.

We can create life, facilitate life and end life with equal ease. But it seems life operates on an "us and them" policy at every level.


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