Old King Cole

Posted: 13.10.08 in Blogging

I shall put my hands up and admit I was one of those that was booing Ashley Cole; albeit I was at home shouting at the television. Far from being appalled at those that did boo Cole, I am appalled by the audacious media critical of those supporters that showed similar dissatisfaction at Cole’s efforts. "Pot calling kettle" springs to mind.

One question that has been raised is "what good does it do?". But the question is, what good does booing anyone do? It seems many people have forgotten why they would boo anyone. It is a show of displeasure and dissatisfaction. Ashley Cole is no stranger to being booed: in many instances in the past he has warranted such action from, I have to say, the opposition’s supporters. However, players are expected to take it on the chin and continue. And so he does.

Ashley Cole is seen as the epitome of the modern footballer: arrogant; obnoxious; greed-fueled and money-driven. He may be a talented footballer, but the English supporters would far sooner see it in a humble and gracious person. What many supporters feel is that we are growing accustomed to a "first team" culture in the England squad, with infallible regulars, in which certain members in the hierarchy at The FA have grown permissive of complacency. Cole is not the only player guilty of complacency, but this coupled with his perceived attitude has highlighted him as a target. I am guessing the fact that he has cried off from the coming World Cup qualifier will not help endear him to England supporters.

I feel that the blame should land at the door of The FA’s Soho Square headquarters. They are very quick to criticise (read boo) their own supporters. If you ask your supporters to pay £50 and come far and wide to watch some lazy football, you cannot expect them to show delirious pride thoughout the game. Many players could do with being dropped to evaluate their performances (as Beckham and Owen are doubtlessly familiar) and The FA should be less inclined to alienate their team’s following.


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