Channel 4, Good On You!

Posted: 12.11.08 in Blogging

For though he preaches I should feel otherwise, the saga surrounding Russell Brand has left me with a great antipathy towards the general British public. There are two great problems with the British public; I had at first thought there was just a single simple problem.

The first, as I mentioned before, was simply the respect for each other. However, most people seem to forget that respect is so abstract that it isn’t simply given or received on the basis of word or deed. Therefore, one cannot show respect simply by declaring it, nor can a person demand evidence of respect. Hence we cannot show respect at all, they might only imply its presence.

The second is as simple as the first. It is lowering the "offence threshold". For example, if someone you knew all your life slipped a swearword into a conversation, on what basis should you consider that offensive? I feel people forget that offence should only be taken if it was an intended outcome. I fail to understand the uproar following the "Brand-Ross affair", since, although not entirely pleasant for those concerned, there was no intent to offend and the respective parties have apologised and those apologies accepted. I would deem that matter at this point final and closed. However, many thousands, I would hedge, have purposefully lowered their "offence threshold" to add some sensation to their lives with disregard to popular culture.

So I come to Channel 4, who have refused to request that Jamie Oliver carefully sieves the flour of his words to remove some of those lumpy old swearwords in case someone complains the cake is too lumpy. From this BBC News article, Julian Bellamy, head of programmes for Channel 4 said, "When you watch these shows it’s very clear that the fruity language he uses is a real response to the shock and anger at what he sees [and] his passion and determination to change things," and that Channel 4 should feel no pressure to act under "cultural conservatism and censorship". If Jamie Oliver isn’t intending to offend, why get upset over it?

Grow up, Britain!


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