Officers United

Posted: 31.12.08 in Blogging

Having found out recently in The Officers Club buyout last week that the company’s headquarters is based in Cramlington, Northumberland (the town in which I live), I have realised the stark likenesses of my relationships with The Officers Club (TOC) and Newcastle United.

You may be completely baffled by the first paragraph of this post, so I shall feed you a little of the recent history I have experienced with TOC. I bought a pair of jeans from TOC a little over a month ago. They were more expensive than I would like to pay for a pair of jeans; however I accepted I probably would not find a pair I liked the appearance of more. Satisfied, I wore them on a weekend away to Liverpool. I found on returning home that the turnups had somehow frayed and that a button had fallen off.

I took them back to the store I purchased them in Newcastle, two days before the buyout. They explained that if I wanted an exchange I would have to go to the MetroCentre, since their stock of those jeans had been moved their. Today I did just that. They had the jeans, but not in my size. So I asked for a refund.

I had a credit card receipt, but apparently no other receipt. This rendered me unable to claim a refund. (The credit card receipt has “receipt” written on it… so I’m not sure how the phrase on production of a receipt works here.) I found this peculiar since I had evidence I purchased the jeans from The Officers Club, I could demonstrate how much I paid for them, and I had the goods with me with evidence they were substandard and faulty. Yet I was able to exchange them for something else in the shop, but I could not get my money back.

So, to the comparison between The Officers Club and Newcastle United… I want to support them both, because they are local. They both basically rip you off and give you a crap product. And they won’t give you a refund.


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