Posted: 05.01.09 in Blogging

Where do the days go? You meet me in a confused state of mind at the moment. I am on tablets to prevent migraines, yet they further manifest on my being by imposing an extra hour on my day. This drug makes me ever-tired and ever-hungry. I have been able to, as in most of my life thus far, been able to control my appetite but I have struggled with, as I have for the past fifteen years or so, sleeping.

It has left me rather disoriented, forgetful and dazed. Things that happened in the morning feel like they had happened in a previous epoch yet other past events seem to repeat themselves in a strange déjà vu. And my dreams haunt me. They prey on my mind day and night, as I live them and relive them in cycles. The same people crop up, and there isn’t much I can do about it. It is somehow worse that I can only remember fragments of my nightmares, as they seem to develop but conclude as the nasty things I do recall. Yet I don’t think it’s my medication that’s the cause, however they may be a catalyst.

In this time I have redesigned two of my websites… somehow. I have also ditched much of, which was my personal CV (really, absolutely no-one cares right now) and changed it into something that might be a little more “commercial”. We’ll see how it goes.


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