Perennial Optimist

Posted: 17.01.09 in Blogging

In the last couple of days I’ve felt a little more optimistic. It’s funny how one small dream can quickly lead to another. Making those dreams happen is the difficult part, but optimism certainly helps.

I’ve struggled to find things to be optimistic about just lately. My football team is an eternal disappointment; everyday life is a muddle and a struggle; and I wasn’t able to retrieve my iTunes downloads. However, all that changed today. Someone at iTunes let me download all my old purchases. Well, that is except for More Than A Feeling by Boston, sadly (and strangely). But I do have The Final Countdown by Europe back. I only buy cheese in download form, and I only download cheese! I must buy Lordi’s Hard Rock Hallelujah at some point…

Music makes it better again, somehow.


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