Back To Where You Once Belonged

Posted: 13.02.09 in Blogging

I went back to Kent briefly this week for an interview. It went “ok”: I regret not adding things I should have done, but it’s all in hindsight. I had a small amount of time left over while in Sittingbourne to myself so I had a bit of a look around.

One question I asked with alarm in my mind is: “what the hell have they done to the place?”, to which the answer is “just about nothing”, which is about the worst thing they could have done. Few shops have changed hands and those that have been replaced were pretty much exactly the same but with a different name.

I wondered back into Milton Regis, saw my old house and had a brief look around the south of the village. The iron works is still there, though the garage has been replaced by a new housing area. The plants and trees in my old gardens were much taller now, but other than that, it’s all the same.

It’s funny really. You’d expect to be sad if things changed and you weren’t able to recognise the place, but Sittingbourne is completely different. When it seems like nothing has happened since you left, it’s as if they haven’t learned anything at all. It’s still crap, but there is still that strange attraction…


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