Where Does the Water Go?

Posted: 25.02.09 in Blogging

I was wondering about global warming the other day. I have my own (fairly) uneducated opinions on what would happen should the Earth warm up significantly.

The icecaps will melt, there will be more water in the water cycle. That suggests the sea levels would rise, as many people have stated. They have also suggested there will be long droughts, more deserts. But I wonder whether that will happen. In a warmer atmosphere, with a larger surface area of water, I would guess that more water will be taken into the atmosphere. There would perhaps be more unpredictable weather, with long rain storms. Perhaps this would result in the Earth “repairing itself” by creating ideal conditions for new rainforests to grow.

All said and done though, I do feel we should still invest in renewable energies and reducing our consumption of raw materials: it is good practice not to waste the resources available to us. Even if we weren’t constantly faced by the bleak predictions of ecology experts, we would in most likelihood be told that we need to reduce consumption in order to maintain stock.


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