Stoppit and Tidyup!

Posted: 30.06.09 in Blogging

I haven’t really updated this recently. Not an awful lot has happened, yet a lot has. In short, I’m no nearer to achieving my goals. What’s worse is that I’m being stifled from trying to.

But some good things have happened: I’ve been in contact with my sister and one of my stepbrothers; my business is creeping slowly forward (very slowly…); and um… well they say things come in threes, so I’ll report back later with the other one!

Got two interviews this week. They tell me that’s really good, and they say I’m pessimistic when I don’t agree. I don’t count my chickens before they hatch; I approach each role with trepidation and respect. It seems interviewers appreciate that… but nothing more. Let’s see anyway.

Plenty of fish in the sea, the slippery buggers!


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