Keeled Over

Posted: 20.07.09 in Blogging

Well, the interview went badly. It was an hour and a quarter late in coming, and despite my best efforts, all my best one-liners stayed firmly within the sanctity of my brain. I wanted to show how passionate and dedicated I was, yet neither of the words “passionate” or “dedicated” transpired to pass my lips.

I wanted to really emphasise the significance of the voluntary work I had been doing: working at one of the country’s most celebrated schools in a hugely achieving mathematics department, creating high quality resources the teachers and students can have fun using.

I wanted to demonstrate my eagerness to teach, my ability to teach, and the comfort in which I can converse and talk to children in an education environment. I stumbled over the question: “what would you do if a teacher asked you to take a lesson at ten minutes’ notice with no further input or help?”

But it worked. I’m going to be a student again!

  1. Weiran says:

    Contrags, so you’re going to be in Stoke?

  2. Steve says:

    Stoke seems to be the cheapest for rent, and it might be the best location for getting to schools… I may even get a car (!)

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