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Posted: 18.08.08 in Blogging

You might, if you read my blog regularly, have been wondering what I have been doing recently. I haven’t posted for a while, so as you might guess, that answer to your question is "not much".

I haven’t been doing nothing, however. My desk is slowly taking shape, after many trials with the electric jigsaw (the supposed "guide" is surely a misnomer) and the hand saws (one goes straight but takes ages; the other is nice and quick but goes all over the place). I’m now sorting out the keyboard shelf so I shall soon be shouting at the hammer for making such an impression of my thumb, and quite possibly lobbing a few dowels across the room. Then it remains to build the final shelf for the monitor, which could prove the greatest challenge: another job for the electric jigsaw.

I have also applied for a few jobs. I want to start my working life proper somewhere stimulating and exciting: I’ll be damned if I’m forced to make friends with electronic colleagues and a calculator named "Alfred". I still want to be creative and I want to have the opportunity to present myself as an entity rather than as an employee, but chances are getting fewer and I’m looking abroad.

  1. wl says:

    I think it’s a good idea to check some council websites and see whether they have any vacancy that suits you. Councils seem to offer high salary… Or did you try http://www.reed.co.uk? You don’t want to start with something that has nothing to do with your degree?

  2. Steve says:

    I’ve been checking a few local councils – they aren’t really recruiting. In fact over the past few weeks some councils have stopped advertising jobs in the regional paper.

  3. irawan says:

    imho, an employee status is not bad. you can use it as stepping stone for a better job. having a job is better than jobless.

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